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Why become a member?

Patron members receive:

  • One vote in the affairs of the cooperative (Household membership = 1 Vote)

  • Free pint during the month of their birthday  (Household membership = 2 Birthdays)

  • Free pint during the month of their membership anniversary. (Household membership = 2 Pints)

  • Member only happy hours

A Patron member joins the co-op because they want to support the brewpub by drinking and eating there. Patron members will receive a dividend based on the amount of money spent at the co-op, as soon as the Board of Directors decides that the brewery has become appropriately profitable. The dividend will come in the form of credit to be used in the future at the co-op. 

The membership holds the following powers: 

  1. Election and removal of directors 

  2. Passage of advisory resolution for consideration by the Board 

  3. And all other rights given to them in the bylaws 

What does a membership cost?

The investment level for patron members is $200 for an individual membership and $300 for a joint membership (two people of the same household). 

The patron membership investment is a one-time fee!

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